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If by some stroke of fate you’ve found yourself on this page, then I thank you and I thank who or whatever has brought you here. I find in life that we are brought to exactly the right place at exactly the right time, which brings up the question: Why are you here?

Perhaps you're just curious about healthy (or healthier) living. Or maybe it's more than that... Perhaps you feel like something is lacking in your life. Maybe you want to feel happier and more vibrant. Maybe you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and burnt out. Perhaps you feel unfulfilled by your life or unsatisfied with your body. Maybe you’re searching for your mission and purpose. For whatever reason you’re here, welcome friend. I’m glad you made it.  

I guide women who are nurturers, healers and intuitives who have found themselves out of balance and in need of their own healing to bring their minds, bodies and spirits back into alignment in order to continue to help others without ignoring their own needs in the process.  

Like most women today, you’re probably a care taker of some kind. This might be evident in your profession. Maybe you've found yourself in the medical or natural health field, helping others as a nurse or a massage therapist for example. Perhaps your nurturing nature finds its outlet through teaching, mothering or being “that” friend that everyone finds themselves gravitating to when they need comfort. Maybe your healing abilities are closely tied to your intuitive abilities, whether you have taken a professional path where you've made a career out of using your intuition to assist others or the personal path of developing and using your intuition solely for yourself and your loved ones. We are all intuitive beings – think of a time when you have heard that small voice inside of you guiding you to make a certain choice or to avoid a certain danger. These are your “hunches”, “feelings”, “gut instincts” and “mother’s instincts” and you probably use them every day.  

Whatever the case, as a nurturer, healer or intuitive, you probably find yourself always using your abilities, resources and innate wisdom to help, heal and guide others. How often do you offer yourself the same healing opportunities? When do you nurture YOU? How frequently do you listen to your own inner guidance? When was the last time you acknowledged the quiet whispers of your intuition and body? If you are like most people, the answer is probably pretty close to “Never.” This is where the problem arises. We give and give and give until we are burnt out with nothing left to offer others. What use are we to anyone at this point, let alone ourselves?

We MUST give to ourselves or we will have nothing left to give to others. We must fill our own cups in order to better fill the cups of those around us. On some level, I bet you realize this. You can hear the truth of it in the deepest part of ourselves... but it's easier said than done, isn't it? That's why it can be so crucial to have an expert to lovingly guide you through the process.
Tune into your body. How are you feeling right now? Do you feel anxious and uncomfortable because you’re hearing a truth you’ve been avoiding? Do you feel excited and validated because you can finally say, “Wow! Maybe it really is okay to honor MY feelings too!” Maybe you feel curious or intrigued because on some level, this is resonating for you. Do you feel angry? Anger is an umbrella emotion, usually masking sadness, fear, pain or frustration. Which of these are you really feeling? Is the pain you’ve been hiding coming to the surface? Perhaps it’s the sadness of letting this go on for so long and allowing so much time and so many opportunities pass you by. Be open to the possibility that your anger is masking your deeply hidden fear, the fear of being able to actually
feel good for once. Because once you feel good, and you realize that life CAN feel good, all of your perceptions about the way that things are have to change, and change can be scary. Some people even feel guilty giving to themselves, like it’s selfish or wrong, as if giving to themselves actually makes them a bad person. Some people don’t feel like they are even worthy of their own attention, affection and love. 

No matter what you are feeling, it’s okay. Your feelings are valid and normal. Let's talk about how you're feeling. Contact me for a strategy session. It should only take 30-60 minutes and we'll be able to discuss your concerns, questions, challenges and goals as well as the obstacles standing in your way right now, preventing you from reaching those goals. Then we can figure out if what I offer is a good fit for you and if what you're looking for is a good fit for me. What do you have to lose? A body you’re not in love with? The feeling of being burned out and overwhelmed? The horrible feeling of being out of balance?  

It’s time for a change. Chances are you know already this, and you already know why you’re here. That voice inside of you has been gently (or perhaps, not so gently!) nudging you towards the truth for some time, and likely you’ve been avoiding, ignoring and straight out resisting your inner guidance, but you can’t go on like this forever.  

It’s okay for you to feel good. It’s okay to honor and prioritize your own needs. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start or how to begin. Drop me a line and we’ll get you on the right path. Remember – you’re here for a reason. No more excuses. You deserve to be healed and whole. The time is now.


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